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Charles Bonaparte Junior High School
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This is an Roleplaying Community affiliated with fandangohigh and flamingo_u.



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Welcome to Charles Bonaparte Junior High School, founded in the year 2007, and situated in sunny Flamingo Heights, FL. Offering a wide range of classes in our curriculum, which are all taught by only the most qualified of teachers, C.B. Junior High is a school dedicated to education. With staff members and teachers that are as dedicated to their jobs as much as the students are dedicated to learning from our teacher's unique perspectives, C.B. Junior High offers a unique level of education that you will only find in the education system here in Flamingo Heights!

Pick up your pencils and your notebooks, and let us help find the scholar inside YOU!

Bonaparte Log Community bonnylogs
This is the community where all RP logs are posted, no matter how unimportant or how earth-shattering they are. Make sure to keep an eye on it whenever possible, since anything could show up here.

Bonaparte NPC Journal bonnynpcs
This is the journal where all NPC characters are played, should anyone need to use them. Ask one of the mods for the password to the account. It will not be posted up here for obvious safety reasons.

If you are interested in playing a character that is too old to be in the Junior High, but definitely too young to be out of school and teach, then check out our two sister games: Fandango High and Flamingo University. Both communities cross over with this one, so characters from all three communities interact frequently. However, all characters taken in those communities cannot be played in this one, and vice-versa. To be clear, like Fandango High and Flamingo University, Bonaparte Junior High is an anime/manga/video game multifandom RP. This means that OCs and Real People are not allowed. My apologies.

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Should you ever need to get into contact with the mods without fishing through all this stuff, Stars's AIM is toumaseijigirl and Dan's is ohforadonut. If you can't get us that way, the journals are starsandauras for Stars and baiyu_dan for Dan. If you still can't get ahold of us, the characters we play are Kayura, Kurama, Tidus (Fanny), Quatre, Zechs, Sesshoumaru (Flammy), Rin, Jessi, and Florian (Bonny) for Stars and Vash, Hiei, Mario (Fanny) Trowa, Noir, Samus (Flammy), Sonic and James (Bonny) for Dan. If you still can't get us... well, there were problems when you couldn't get us through AIM, so you're in deep trouble here.


Arsene Lupin
Isidore Beautrelet thinkguesscheck (Staff - Geography Teacher, Science Department)

Artemis Fowl
Artemis Fowl fowl_curiosity (Student - 8th Grade (?))

Case Closed/Detective Conan
Kazuha Toyama kansaigirl (Student Assistant, Home Economics, Culinary Department)

Digimon Tamers
Takato Matsuda hazard_knight (Student - 6th Grade)

Flonne nin_nin_ninja (Student - 7th Grade)

Gorgeous Carat
Florian du Rochefort yeux_damethyste (Staff - French and Art Teacher, Foreign Language and Art Departments)
Solomon Sugar parleverre (Staff - Basic Math Teacher, Math Department)

Rin forest_ward (Student - 6th Grade)

Life on Mars
Sam Tyler 1973_dorothy (Staff - General Life Safety (D.A.R.E and it's ilk)teacher, Physical Education Department)

Meet The Robinsons
Lewis keepmovingfwrd (Student - 7th Grade)

Order Of The Stick
Elan banjoforagod (Staff - Music Teacher, Music Department)

Peacemaker Kurogane
Souji Okita smiling_loyalty (Staff - Health Teacher Assistant)

Jessi roketto_red (Staff - Health Teacher, Physical Education Department)
James roketto_violet (Staff - Home Economics Teacher, Culinary Department)

Sasame aguidingvoice (Staff- Guidance Councelor)

Rurouni Kenshin
Yahiko Myujin kenshingumimono (Student - 7th Grade)

Senkaiden Houshin Engi
Suupuushan notahippo_su (Staff - Assistant Janitor)
Taiitsu Shinjin hellocamerafour (Staff - Tech teacher, Technology Department)

Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic thesoundbarrier (Staff - Guidance Councelor)

Wolf's Rain
Toboe banglebracelet (Student - 7th Grade)

Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
Jun Yamano trooperbrat (Student - 6th Grade)


Dogma - Metatron - (Staff - Principal)
Dogma - Rufus - (Staff - Vice Principal)
Dogma - Jason "Jay" Derris - (Staff - Janitor)
Dogma - "Silent Bob" Blutarsky - (Staff - School Psychologist)

Gundam Wing Lucretiza Noin - (Staff - Subsitute Teacher)

Lord of the Rings - Aragorn - (Staff - Swordsmanship, Physical Education Department)

Pinky And The Brain - Brain - (Staff - Advanced Math Teacher, Math Department)
Pinky And The Brain - Pinky - (Staff - Advanced Math Teacher Assistant)

Pokemon - Gary Oak garyisthebest (Student, 8th grade)