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Charles Bonaparte Junior High School
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Stars [userpic]

Plz to be adding garyisthebest.  This is our new Gary Oak from Pokemon, and he will be an eighth grader. 

Stars [userpic]

Okay, another round of modstuffs from me!

Please add (If you haven't already) the following journals:

thinkguesscheck  This is Isidore Beautrelet, who is our Geography teacher
parleverre  This is Solomon Sugar (Squee!  OMG, SOL!) who is our BASIC Math teacher.  Anyone who is not comfortable in Brain's math class, this is the math you want.

And, brand new!

1973_dorothy  This is Sam Tyler, who will be teaching General Life Safety.  This is basically D.A.R.E and the like.

Classes for Bonny will resume tomorrow, so teachers and students, get ready!

And... yeah, that's about it.  And folks, never be afraid to drop me a line about ideas for events in here, okay?  Questions, comments, anything, I don't care what.  Give me a shout.  Unlike Zechs, I don't bite.

Unless you want me to, of course. ^_-


Stars [userpic]

I was holding off on this... yeah, didn't work out.

We have two new characters, so plz to be adding

Isidore Beautrelet thinkguesscheck  , who will be teaching Geography.

Also, we have Solomon Sugar who will be teaching Basic Math, but the username is still pending on him.  When I get it (Read: When Pocky and I manage to figure it out), it will be added here.

And... yeah, I think that's it.

EDIT: Holy crap, Sol finally has a name!  PLEASE ADD parleverre!

Of all the things I wanted to do New Year's Day, this was not exactly one of the few things I was exactly looking forward to... well, either way here goes.

Technically, I'm supposed to still be on hiatus, since I'm still job-hunting and the money well has essentially run dry, but the stress has gotten to the point where I have to make some adjustments to my RPing. As you all noticed, I dropped my mod position in Bonny, so that's how stressful things actually got.

Anyway, on to the actual point of the post: I'm officially dropping Rock Volnutt, Dr. Perry Cox, Negi Springfield, and Danny Fenton. In other words, please remove purifier_unit, limpless_house, bozu_sensei, and halfa_ghost from your friends' list whenever you get the chance.

Thanks, and have a great New Years everybody!! ^_^

Ichi-mun out.

X-posted in flamingo_u and fandangohigh

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Hey, I've decided to Drop Ai. I just don't know enough about her, and it's been so long since I've read the manga that I dont think i could do her justice.

I'm going to concentrate on my other three Bonny characters and get them going instead. Lord knows I need to cut down more, but I just don't have the heart! XP

Stars [userpic]

Okay folks, this is Stars-Mod-Darling here with the CHARACTER ADD LIST of Light and Joy.  In keeping with Fandango High and Flamingo University, we're gonna make our Add list separate from their's. Should you want to add them, you can go to their pages. HERE for Fanny and HERE for Flammy. And I'll be sure to keep this updated, because there's few things more annoying than getting an e-mail saying someone has friended an account you haven't used in ages.

UN! Log onto the account you wish to add them to...

DEUX! See the list below? Copy that thing to your clipboard.

TROIS! Go HERE and paste said list in the box. Then hit Execute and voila~!

Stars [userpic]

Okay foks, here's your updated Wanted Characters Post.  Here's how it works.  You comment here with characters you wanna see in the game, we update the list, and when people swing by they can look here and see if a character they're thinking about playing is wanted.  Maybe it'll even help them make a decision if they're iffy on what they want to play.

Stars [userpic]

My firends, this is to let you know that effective sometime this afternoon two PM today, PR will is no longer be a mod of Bonny, due to personal issues.  He'll still play his characters when RL stops being a bitch, but HE WILL NO LONGER HAS MOD STATUS IN BONNY FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE.

Thank you. 

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Stars [userpic]

Due to some teacher shifts, I have updated (Read: Made a new one) the Student Scheduel thread.  Please come here to update your characters' scheduels.  This list will be left up as a reference until everyone is caught up, then it will be deleted.

Thanks. ^^

Stars [userpic]

Stars-mod here, folks, bringing you the new student scheduels post.  Here's how it's gonna work.


The five non-elective classes are MANDATORY.  Pick one from each department, kaies?  This is the list of avaliable classes, which will be kept updated... or my wrath will be suffered. ^_-

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