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Charles Bonaparte Junior High School
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February 2008
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hellocamerafour [userpic]
Bonaparte Jr. High Chapter 42: Enter the Otaku, Taiitsu Shinjin!

An average day in Flamingo Heights. Sun shining, flamingos chirping...

Suddenly, a mysterious and odd-looking robot appeared! It began its descent toward the city...and proceeded to crash into the roof of a nearby hotel. 

Dramatic entrance attempt #1: Failed.

The pilot emerged, mildly shaken but otherwise unharmed. "Rough landing," he commented to the camera he knew was lurking around somewhere but hadn't found just yet. "And it ruined my entrance, too...ah! There you are, camera three!"

Having caught sight of the elusive camera, Taiitsu struck a dramatic pose. Surveying the city before him, his cloak flapping in the convenient breeze, he was the perfect picture of a sennin in all his immortal glory...

...Until he realized precisely how far he was from the ground. 


Quickly, he scrambled as far away from the edge of the roof as possible and huddled next to his fallen robot. 

Dramatic entrance attempt #2: Failed.

Hopefully, someone would be along shortly to get him down...

((Ohnoes, ladies and gentlemen! The legendary sennin Taiitsu Shinjin is...seriously afraid of heights. XDDD So, who wants to get him off the roof? Or just stop to point and laugh...your choice.))





I serve an important purpose, though!

*Cracks up laughing* What, you the guy that always gets blown up?? :D :D :D :D :D :D

NO, I'm the guy who fixes things!

Heh, I guess you're not all that bad, but still... you build big things like that and are afraid of heights. *laughs*

>>; That's not funny.

...Why am I letting a child make fun of me?

Hm. Yea it is. *laughs*